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Every 25 moons, the mysterious Sfynx open a gateway to their sunken city... but only the adventurers able to solve 9 riddles before the clepsydra empties will be granted access to its vanished splendours and forgotten knowledge. Are you up to the task?

1 - 4 players
30 min.
+ 8 years

Sfynx is played on a 5x5 grid of tiles, called the Antechamber.


In order to solve a riddle, the tiles in the Antechamber must be next to each other in the order shown on the Riddle card, either from left to right...

...or up to down.


A Sfynx tile can replace any Civilization tile to solve a riddle…

… unless the riddle explicitly forbids the use of the Sfynx.




On your turn, you will perform three actions: two Basic actions and one Special action.

The basic actions are Restore and Swap.



Flip one Civilization tile from Cursed to Restored (only restored tiles can be used to solve riddles).





Swap two orthogonally adjacent Civilization tiles.





The Special actions are more powerful than the Basic actions -but rarer.



At the end of your turn, you must reveal the topmost token on the Clepsydra board and apply its effect (this represents the Sfynx making things more complicated, to see if you’re truly worthy).



Solve the 9 riddles before reaching the end of the Clepsydra!



Sfynx allows you to adapt the difficulty, with 8 different levels and 4 setup variants.