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You are the director of the Observatory. With the telescopes of your research departments aimed at the stars, planets and nebulas of the Oniverse, you are ready to launch daring spaceships into the skies.

1 - 2 players
30 min.
+ 10 years

The galaxies of the Oniverse  

Stellarion is a unique deck management game: all the cards are split into 8 decks, and you know the contents of each one. In order to win, you’ll have to make sure the right cards are available on the top of the right decks at the right time -and you can do that by wisely discarding… some cards from the top of the decks!

The goal of the game is to obtain all the Voyage cards.



To get a Voyage card, you’ll need to discard 4 Celestial cards belonging to the same galaxy: Ship, Nebula, Stars and Planet.

If you do not have those 4 cards, you can discard two cards of the same type to trigger an effect that will allow you to shrewdly manipulate the decks -and maybe get the cards you need.

The depth of space

Like all the other Oniverse games, Stellarion includes expansions, each stand-alone yet compatible with the others.
Beware of the Glaucous Sun’s progression on the board, prove theories and enhance your powers with amazing breakthroughs, travel to the other side of black holes and trigger even more special powers with the Mirrors.